Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I love Calvary Baptist Church.

I just got back from the last WELL of my freshman semester. I just want to shout from the rooftops that I love Calvary First Baptist Church so much. Even since the first time I attended, I knew this church just had something about it.
Tonight was the last session of “Pushing Pause.” These past two month we have had different sections like “Pushing Pause for His Power,” “for his Presence,” “for His Peace” and so on. Tonight was “Pushing Pause for His Praise.” God has never left us, and He never will? He knows what id going on in our lives and he does EVERYTHING for a reason. One time during the service we sat in silence for 2-3 minutes praising him for just being Him. I had never done that before. Then we took another 2-3 minutes in total silence to praise him for the people who have influenced our walk with God. Then another 2-3 minutes to praise Him for the suffering we have experienced/ are experiencing in our lives. This was really hard for me with everything that has happened with Molly and Memom. I’ve always wondered why not them? Well, why not them? They have people surrounding them who love them and support and will ALWAYS be there for them. God knew what he was doing when he planned it and it’s not for us to question why. And we ask where God is when these things happen. Where is He? He PLANNED these things! He KNEW they were going to happen! It just really hit me. It made me feel so much more comforted and surrounded by his grace when it sunk into my think head that God KNOWS these things. Through all of our suffering, God is with us the entire time. Then we took another 2-3 to thank him for the people in our lives that have died. They have died here on Earth, but we know they are living in Heaven and we will see them again one day in eternity.
I cannot express how much more I have fallen in love with God with the help of this church.

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