Monday, July 27, 2009

st louis

it is 8:15 on monday morning and i am waiting for the rest of my family to get ready because we are fixing to go to the arch! we are actually going up in it too! i am excited. after that we are going on a riverboat cruise for lunch. tonight my dad and i are going to a st louis caridnals- la dodgers game at busch stadium. its gonna be fun. also my aunt and unlce are coming to suprise my little brother and sister.

yesterday we went to grant's farm which is almost like any other farm but this one is hands on. you got to go inside the goat pen and feed and pet the goats. there was a bird show. we show flamings (my favorite animal ever!) lemurs, parrots, elephants, and clydesdale horses.
if you dont know what a clydesdales horse it, it is the biggest breed of horse there it. its the kind of horse that is in all the budweiser commericials. those werw really neat to see.

well everyone is ready so i will be going now.

ps-just found out the jonas brothers are already in st louis for the concert tomorrow night.
hopefully i will stalk them today and find them! wish me luck!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

my feet are killing me

my last blog just got erased-still figuring this out.

i worked all day. 9:30-7. i wore my new cute yellowbox flip flops and they have a heel and they made my feet hurt! tomorrow i am working again, all day. but after we are going to my grandmothers house and then leaving saturday to go to st louis. i have a ticket to see the JONAS BROTHERS tuesday night! i am beyond exciting! WooHoo!

the sun always knows when i am working. it will come out everyday i work but stays hidden on my off days.

after work i went to the gym. i have a love/hate relationship with tread mills. i love the affect they have but i have having to actually get on and run.

i am listening to demi lovatos new cd right now. i cant describe it. its awesome. i hate to say it, but its better than the new jonas cd. if you know me, thats saying a lot.

one of my friends just found out that a guy she recently met has just been med flighted because of a bad car wreck. please pray for him.

thats all for tonight.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

campfires and family

hi. i am emily miller. i was born in guntersville, alabama. this town i live in is so small. i know every one from here... every kid... their parents... every rock. i will be a senior at guntersville high school this coming fall. i have an awesome family. my mom, my dad, my sister, and my brother all love me even though i come short of what i should be. i love pictures, candles, hardwood floors, and riding my bike.

this is my first blog every so hopefully i will get better at it. i really dont care it anyone at all reads this. i have been wanted to start a journal for myself to be able to look back at it a year from now and see how i have changed.

so this weekend has actually been pretty nice for me. friday i got to hang with 2 of my closest friends that i havent been able to spend time with in awhile. saturday i worked until 4:30 then my family went out to my aunts house on the lake. we had hamburgers and hot dogs and enjoed each others company for the night. we had a campfire with smores and marshmellows:]

sunday i went to church and since our regular preacher was on vacation, another man preached. it was probably one of the best sermons i have heard this year. he preached on how the things we 'own' in life arent ours. we can only use things under certain limitations. his example was not paying your car or house payment. if you dont pay for 6 months, your car will go back to the car dealer and the house will belong to the mortgage company. if we have these things in our life such as a house or a car, they are blessings from God because he allows us to have them. this really made me rethink things in my life. i want to have this or that just to have it... but its not really even mine.

after church my family had lunch with my other aunt and uncle. this afternoon i layed around and watched tv with my little brother and sister. ate cereal then had a 6 mile bike ride with my dad.

i started this blog because of a girl named christa black who is an awesome girl. i hope to meet her one day. she is a violin player on tour with the jonas brothers. (i should have mentioned i love the jonas brothers also:]) i started following her on twitter and then she started blogging and telling us the story of her life. go check her out. she awesome. she can sing too.

life is good at the moment. what i need to be doing to reading 1984 for school but that's probably not gonna happen. that's all for tonight. night world.