Thursday, March 11, 2010

Til we find our place, on the path unwinding, in the circle, the circle of LIFE!

It took 4 years but we finally did it. We finally won something.
Our senior class won skits this year performing the Lion King.
It was insane. The costumes, practices, bruises and hard work was difficult, but totally worth it.

I can’t explain the feeling I had at the end of our skit when we had a standing ovation. I could not believe it. For so many years we have had no ideas or no participation that it was crazy that we had to take people OFF the stage because it was too crowded. I’ve never seen a class grow so close together in a week than we did this week. I literally can’t explain it. I talked and hugged people I haven’t talked to all year. I think it is sinking in that this is our last year of high school. In 4 months, we may never see a friend again. This is the last time we can do the crazy stuff at GHS. We are now going to be able and look back at our Senior Skit Night and remember the entire audience standing and applauding us for a job well done. I will never forget this.

After, we all went back to the Church of Christ, where practice was held each night, and chilled. It was such a great time for all the guys to kick back and play x-box and the girls to just hang. After, the senior track players had to go to the stadium and meet insane Coach Taylor for a heart to heart meeting. So all of us non-trackstars got crunk in the parking lot while we were waiting on them. Playing music wayyyy to loud from Caleb’s Camero and dancing with everyone. It was such a random group of about 25 but it was so fun. I wish we had been doing this our whole high school. I stayed for about 45 mins but had to go home before the track’sters came out.

I will never ever forget this night.

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