Friday, December 25, 2009

thankful in december

A couple weeks ago I went to a church service where I was asked to think of 5 things I was grateful for on the spot, but then I decided to take it further and think of something I’m grateful for each day in December:

1. HEAT! I never knew how much I loved the fireplace.
2. Regan. Since we don’t see each other a lot, I always love spending time with her. I wish we lived closer.
3. New songs in my iTunes. Nick Jonas and the Administration!!!
4. High School Athletics. Best basketball game I’ve seen in a while.
6. My aunts. I’m so grateful I was blessed with a wonderful family!
7. God. He is always there.
8. Friends. Love Love Love my friends. I would be no where without them.
9. Twitter. my new favorite love :]
10. My job. I’m so thankful I have a job with a great boss and wonderful friends.
11. Mrs. Claudette DeMuth and Mrs. Susan Richter. I love Thursday morning bible studies. I always have great days on Thursdays. These two ladies are amazing women of faith.
12. Music. It speaks to me when your words don’t.
13. My college friends. I love when they come home. We’re so close, it’s like they never even left.
14. Christmastime. I love just sitting at home watching good Christmas movies with hot chocolate and driving around the neighborhood looking at the lights.
15. Hand-written letters. There is something special about getting hand-written letters in the mail that make me appreciate the person a lot more. You know they took time out of their day when they could have just called or emailed. Old-fashioned? Maybe :]
16. My church family. Through this last year I have learned so much and I owe it all to my church leaders. They are awesome.
17. Babies. I went to see a little baby girl that was one day old today and it reminded me of how beautiful life is yet sometime we forget to take the time and look.
18. A Small Town. I never thought I would say that I liked living in such a small town where everyone knows you, but now I’m starting to really enjoy it. This is so weird for me to say.
19. My Cousins. Even though I don’t see them that much, I love spending time with them.
20. T.V. I rarely watch it, but if I do, it must be good. I’m watching Secrets of the Secret Service right now. It’s crazy the things I have learned.
21. Scavenger Hunts. I loved loved loved the one I did last night with my best friends!!
22. Molly. Even though sometimes she makes me so aggravated, she always means well. I love her!!
23. Sunday School. We all met and ate lunch at the Rock House and just fellowshipped together before Christmas.
24. Christmas Movies. Slept half the day and spend the other half enjoying Christmas movies and hot chocolate.
25. Family! Love my parents so so so much! Awesome. I’m so blessed I was born into this family.

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