Saturday, December 19, 2009

the bus...

So it’s a Friday night and we are going to Memom’s house in for Christmas. We are riding in Mac Mac’s big bus… what fun. It is freezing, noisy, loud, and straight dumb. There is no reason for us to be driving this thing. Thomas is watching his DVD player while Mom and Molly are asleep. I don’t know how they are because every time I get comfortable, this huge thing hits a bump and sounds like it’s going to fall over. So I’m just sitting her writing listening to my iPod while everyone else is doing whatever. Dad is in a horrible mood. IDK what is wrong with everyone. It’s Christmastime. We need to be happy.

Before we left, we got the mail and I got 2 letters from Samford. The first one was just another letter with different information. The second was about the Beeson. I thought it would be saying when my interview in January would be. Nope, it was this “I’m sorry to inform you but you have not been selected to the next selection process in the running for the Beeson.” Bull...

I had gotten an earlier letter that said all nominees will have an interview in January; well I guess not.

It’s the first day of Christmas Break but it’s already been horrible. Hopefully it will get better.

I really can’t wait until college. Where ever I may go…. Still gotta figure that out.

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