Monday, July 27, 2009

st louis

it is 8:15 on monday morning and i am waiting for the rest of my family to get ready because we are fixing to go to the arch! we are actually going up in it too! i am excited. after that we are going on a riverboat cruise for lunch. tonight my dad and i are going to a st louis caridnals- la dodgers game at busch stadium. its gonna be fun. also my aunt and unlce are coming to suprise my little brother and sister.

yesterday we went to grant's farm which is almost like any other farm but this one is hands on. you got to go inside the goat pen and feed and pet the goats. there was a bird show. we show flamings (my favorite animal ever!) lemurs, parrots, elephants, and clydesdale horses.
if you dont know what a clydesdales horse it, it is the biggest breed of horse there it. its the kind of horse that is in all the budweiser commericials. those werw really neat to see.

well everyone is ready so i will be going now.

ps-just found out the jonas brothers are already in st louis for the concert tomorrow night.
hopefully i will stalk them today and find them! wish me luck!!

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