Thursday, July 23, 2009

my feet are killing me

my last blog just got erased-still figuring this out.

i worked all day. 9:30-7. i wore my new cute yellowbox flip flops and they have a heel and they made my feet hurt! tomorrow i am working again, all day. but after we are going to my grandmothers house and then leaving saturday to go to st louis. i have a ticket to see the JONAS BROTHERS tuesday night! i am beyond exciting! WooHoo!

the sun always knows when i am working. it will come out everyday i work but stays hidden on my off days.

after work i went to the gym. i have a love/hate relationship with tread mills. i love the affect they have but i have having to actually get on and run.

i am listening to demi lovatos new cd right now. i cant describe it. its awesome. i hate to say it, but its better than the new jonas cd. if you know me, thats saying a lot.

one of my friends just found out that a guy she recently met has just been med flighted because of a bad car wreck. please pray for him.

thats all for tonight.

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